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Postage Stamps: singles, pairs, sets, souvenir sheets, topical stamps, albums, catalogues.

Specializing in Canadian and French stamps. In addition to birds on stamps.



Hi, I'm Brian! I've spent 10 years selling in auction and stamp bourses and also belong to MSC, Royal Phlatelic. Due to COVID -19 I've decided to move business to an online format but will also sell at bourse when they open up again.

I specialize in Western Europe stamps, Canadian stamps and birds on stamps. On my site, I will be selling my stamp inventory as well as any stamp consignments I receive.


I hope to receive stamp consignments from people in order to sell stamp collections by auction, in addition to offering private sale stamp consignments.

My terms for both aforementioned cases will be 15% commission on selling price. Consignments can be picked up if not to far and Canadian. Send me a message to get your consignment listed.

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How I Can Help You?

consignment from collectors

private sales from collectors

stamp bourses

(once re-opened)

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