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I'm in the process of changing my items and also putting in more topicals and mint and used stamps to give more variety to my site.


Just to repeat my information; I specialize in Western European stamps, Canadian, and birds on stamps. There are many subjects covered in my stock of topicals.


All consignments are more than welcome and my terms are 15% of sales. So please contact me if you wish to sell your collections. My site is not an auction but a straight sale as priced and postage is added to cost of stamps sold which is very small due to size.


I can pick up consignments of not too far otherwise, a small charge for gas would be fair; all terms can be negotiated except my percentage. Consignments can be and are accepted world wide.


I do have some stamp supplies which will be sold on my site.


I look forward to doing business with everyone!


— Brian Hobbs

If you want to leave your information for more direct information; email me at


consignment from collectors

private sales from collectors

stamp bourses

(once re-opened)

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